I am a 56 year old woman with a medical condition called Lupus. I came to Newton recently to see a band at a local club with three like-wised aged women. As we were leaving the bar I was stopped by a Newton Police officer. I was told that I was stopped because I had not stopped before entering the road from the private drive of the club (this is indeed a valid law so beware). Another officer came to assist the first officer. After the first officer took all of our licenses to check us out he ask me to get out of the car so that he could give me a sobriety test. I told him that I had had two drinks that evening the last one being about 1.5 hours ago.

It was 20 degrees, or maybe less, and I was shaking so bad that I could not preform the tests to his satisfaction. The ladies in the car with me asked the second officer if I could put my coat on due to my medical condition. He refused, stating that I would not get my coat until the sobriety test was done. I was then transported to the local jail in handcuffs. I actually did not get my coat until I was placed in an interrogation room, and then I had to ask for it. I was ask several questions and waited the 20 minutes to be given a breath test. The officer asked me how high I thought I was going to blow and I told him 0 as I was not drunk. The results of my breathalyser was 0.00.

The officer stated that the machine must be broken and called to see if anyone had complained about the machine not working. Ended up that the machine was not broken, I was not intoxicated. This officer wasted about two hours of time treating me like a common criminal to determine that I was indeed not drunk! Then he couldn't escort me out of the building fast enough with profuse apologies, by the first officer and two other law enforcement officers. This is the first time that I have come to your town in several years and I promise that I will not return to spend my money there.

Kristi Ketterman, McPherson