The Olympics contains events that are too subjective to be considered sports.

Another Olympics, another soap opera surrounding figure skating… Who could have seen this coming? The (main) hub-bub this year seems to revolve around the ice-dancing rivalry between the US team of Meryl Davis and Charlie White and the Canadian team of Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir. The pairs train together and share a coach. And there’s going to be conflict? No-o-o-o-o…. The deal this year is that supporters of the Canadians are claiming that “they was robbed”. Despite having skated an excellent program, the Canadians were awarded silver to the Americans gold. There are some who are claiming that Americans and Russians conspired to shaft the Canadians. A deal was struck, it is being said, whereby the Russians would win the Team competition, while the Americans would be allowed to win the Ice Dancing— regardless of the merits. It was a ‘corrupt bargain’ on the scale of the John Quincy Adams shenanigans with Henry Clay that won JQA the Presidency back in 1824, according to those who claim that the Canadian ice- dancers were jobbed. I’ll be honest. I could watch tapes of the performances for 1000 years and I wouldn’t be able to tell which team had danced better. I’m the kind of guy who watches the 8th place figure skaters and thinks, “Gosh, that was awesome. Those/that guy(s) (girl(s), whatever) are really good.” And then I listen to the announcer say how bad they stunk, and I just don’t get it. But I do have an answer for the situation: Any event that requires judging to determine the outcome IS NOT A SPORT AND SHOULD NOT BE PART OF THE OLYMPICS. I agree that gymnastics and figure skating are beautiful and sublime to watch, but that makes them great entertainment, not sports. If there is no objective way to determine the winner, it’s not a sport. So, speed skating is a sport, but figure skating is not. Downhill racing in skiing and snowboarding is a sport, but the freestyle and slopestyle stuff isn’t. Let’s still have figure skating and gymnastics, but not as part of the Olympics. It’s the only way to avoid continual repetitions of controversies like the one we’re seeing yet again this year. Sports should be OBjective rather than SUBjective.