Chamber of Commerce groups provide positive community connections.

One important element of my job with United Way is to establish relationships with members of all communities throughout McPherson County. I have to admit this is no small task! Our presence in the city of McPherson is well established; thus, I have spent the past year focusing on the surrounding smaller communities. And the work has just begun.

Attending Chamber of Commerce meetings was one of the first venues I chose to meet the people of McPherson County. Though each chamber group is unique, they share the same passion for providing quality opportunities for residents within their community. Chamber members explore community needs together and find meaningful, creative solutions.

After each meeting, no matter what community, I am energized with the collective spirit of making a positive difference.  Communities are empowered by the events, programs and promotion provided by their local Chamber of Commerce. And in the communities where there is no formal organization, ad hoc committees fill the void.

Chamber contacts have steered me toward other community resources – school administrators, healthcare professionals, civic leaders, librarians, bankers, coaches, clergy and more! As my community connections continue to multiply, there is value in listening and supporting the passions of others.