Scam artist pretends to be city electrical department employee and threatens to shut off electricity if payment is not made

Pratt citizens should be on the alert for a telephone scam that hit the Pratt area Wednesday.

Pratt County Sheriff Vernon Chinn said several residents received phone calls Wednesday from a man claiming to be with the City of Pratt electrical department. The caller tells the intended victim they owe money on their electric bill and if they don’t send it in the city will shut off their electricity.

So far, no one has fallen for this scam and no one has sent in money.

The City of Pratt and Pratt County never call to bill someone and never call threatening to cut off services, Chinn said.

Anyone who receives a phone call like this should just hang up. Anytime a person receives a call from someone they don’t know or someone claiming to be from the government and demanding money, they should immediately hang up. Do not talk to this person and do not give them any information, Chinn said.

There is no safe way to talk to strangers on the phone so if they call just hang up.

“It’s your phone, control who talks to you on it,” Chinn said. “The same as those who come to your door, if you don’t know them, don’t open the door and talk to them.”