David Ward is the Pratt County Commission District 1 nominee.

By a margin of 38 votes, David Ward is the Republican nominee for Pratt County Commissioner for District 1. Ward topped candidate Ed Barrett by a vote of 211 to 173 with Ward receiving 54 percent of the vote to Barrett’s 45 percent. There was no Democratic candidate but there were 10 Democratic write-in votes.

Statewide totals for all other races are still coming in and will not be official for some time.

The Pratt County vote for other offices:

U.S. Senate

Pat Roberts-R 714

Milton Wolf-R 432

Alvin Zahnter-R 130

D.J. Smith-R 69

Chad Taylor-D 92

Patrick Wiesner-D 88

U.S. Rep. 4th District

Mike Pompeo-R 760

Todd Tiahrt-R 608

Perry Schuckman-D 171 (unopposed)

State Representative 113th District

Basil Dannebohm-R 1043 (unopposed)

Write-in votes-D 10 (no candidate)


Winn/Lais-R 692

Brownback/Colyer-R 675

Davis/Docking-D 189 (unopposed)

Secretary of State

Kris Kobach-R 705

Scott Morgan-R 590

Jean Schodorf-D 174 (unopposed)

Attorney General

Derek Schmidt-R 1130 (unopposed)

A.J. Kotich-D 161 (unopposed)

State Treasurer

Ron Estes-R 1134 (unopposed)

Carmen Alldritt-D 161 (unopposed)

Commissioner of Insurance

Ken Selzer-R 337

Clark Shultz-R 315

Beverly Gossage-R 276

David Powell-R 233

John Topliker-R 47

Dennis Anderson-D 160 (unopposed)

State Board of Education 5th District

Meg Wilson-R 791

Sally Cauble-R 370

Write-in Votes-D 11 (no candidate)