In an aging population, more and more people are getting to an age when they could use a little help around the house.

Finding a qualified person can be difficult but Pratt Regional Medical Center has a program that provides several levels of assistance in the home.

Pratt Home Care can provide services for those recovering from illness, surgery or just for day-to-day needs, said Kelly Rasmussen, RN administrator at PRMC.

Three levels of service are available: Skilled nursing services; Home health aid; Homemaker.

Skilled nursing services provides a nurse to handle medication set up, wound care, administer IV medications, check blood sugar, give insulin injections, colostomy teaching, physical assessment, wellness checks, diabetic nail care, wound vac, venipuncture and other services on a case by case basis.

The service also draws labs in the home. This service is used most often in winter so the person doesn’t have to go to a doctor’s office, Rasmussen said.

The Home Health Aid provides hands-on assistance for bathing, dressing, personal care, grooming, hair and nail care, assistance with walking, exercising, meal preparation, eating plus ostomy and catheter care.

Homemaker service covers light housekeeping, doing laundry and errands, meal preparation, cognitive stimulation and sitter services.

Background checks are done on all aids and registered nurses provide supervision.

“Aids are thoroughly checked,” Rasmussen said.

Nurses have a current license and are checked as well.

Sometimes, a person is lonely and they just need someone to talk to so Pratt Home Care does that too.

The service helps bring piece of mind for family members. Children and grandchildren hire Home Care to do a check on their parents and grandparents every week or two. It helps the children feel better especially if they spend a lot of time worrying about parents or grandparents.

To determine exactly what services are needed, Rasmussen will do a free evaluation to find client needs.

Cost of services varies. A homemaker visit is $20, home health aid is $24 while nursing visit is $40 for under 30 minutes then over 30 minutes is $65. Generally, visits last less than 30 minutes, Rasmussen said.

This is strictly a private pay setup. Some long-term care insurance will cover it depending on the policy. Home Care sends the client the bill and they pass it on to the insurance company.

Medicare and Medicaid will not pay for this service.

This is a cheaper alternative than going into long term care or assisted living. It helps the client stay in their home longer.

“For the person that doesn’t have to (go into long term care) it’s a nice option,” Rasmussen said.

Pratt Home Care was started to fill a need in the area. Their clients had been hiring people off the street to do private care in the home. Some of these situations did not end will with credit cards and jewelry stolen.

“I wanted to provide something that was a safe alternative,” Rasmussen said.

The Pratt Home Care started in January. Its service area is a 20-mile radius around Pratt and includes Cunningham, Cullison, Sawyer, Coats, Preston, Iuka, Haviland and homes in between.

Contact Pratt Home Care at 620-450-1647 or visit