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  • Have You Seen This? Quadruple kick in one jump

  • A taekwondo master does the amazing — four kicks in one jump.

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  • AMAZE TOWN — There are skills, and then there are skills. Then there are those that are so physically gifted that stuntmen and CGI are tools to be mocked or ignored.

    Buster Keaton may arguably be the leader of the stunt pack in film, using intense planning and timing to accomplish stunts that would make any insurance adjuster weep. Then martial arts greats Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan built on Keaton’s example and brought a greater commitment to physical prowess to awe us in film.

    Now in the era of YouTube, we can get glimpses into the lives of those who have skills but no movie-star exposure. One could argue that the man in this video is on his way to making his predecessors proud.

    And the only thing he does is complete four kicks in one jump while twisting his body midair. No big deal.

    You’ll want to watch this taekwondo master more than once to fully appreciate the incredible skill it takes to complete a quadruple kick.
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