Pratt’s pelican has moved again.

The bronze statue, created in 1932 by renowned sculptor Bruce Moore, had its own park, Pelican Fountain Park, just south of Gateway Park, near the hospital.

It came with an impressive record. The design had been awarded first prize at the Sculptors National Academy of Design of New York, and the Ellen P. Speyer award for best animal sculpture, according to information compiled by Pratt historian, the late Dorotha Giannengelo.

Commissioned by Pratt businessman Walter Pedigo, it was developed into a fountain and placed in the center of the tiny park.

In 1974, its fountain was illuminated and rebuilt.

Around 1993, the pelican was reconditioned, and the artist who did the work recommended that it be housed inside in the future. At that time, the pelican and the accessory fish mounted on limestone blocks, were placed in the lobby of the Pratt Public Library.

In a current renovation project, the library board has other plans for that space. The pelican is now located in the Main Street Gallery at the Pratt County Historical Museum.

It remains as city property, and the two entities have signed an agreement to that effect. The city plans to have an artist examine the statue to place a value on it. The 1993 artist valued it at $35,000.