When Dodge City Community College Board of Trustee Don Webb submitted his resignation on Jan. 27, the vacancy needed to be filled.

"Yes, I will seek the seat vacated by Don Webb," William Hammond of Dodge City wrote in a letter to the Daily Globe. "After consulting with family and supporters, I announce my candidacy for the Dodge City Community College Trustee position.

"I also announce my intention to seek election to the board of trustees in November 2017."

At the time of Webb's resignation, board of trustee chairman Morris Reeves sent in an email the process of filling the vacancy.

"The board of trustees will follow Policy No. 203 which reads in part as 'when a vacancy occurs, the board shall publish a notice one time in a newspaper having general circulation in the college district stating that the vacancy has occurred and that it will be filled by appointment by the board no later than 15 days after the publication," Reeves said.

Hammond is currently the executive director of business and operations for school district 443.

"My passion for the mission of comprehensive community colleges comes from serving as the chief business officer in two Kansas community colleges for 14 years," Hammond wrote. "Like the Statue of Liberty, community colleges welcome all.

"They serve the wealthy and the poor, the high academic achievers and those who struggle and need a little more help./

"They serve the young and the senior adult, those who need only a few courses and those who want a degree.

"They serve not only those who wish to go on for a 4-year degree, but those who want a technical/vocational career. They provide community enrichment programs and classes ranging from the arts to cooking to a study of the universe."

Hammond has also been outspoken against DCCC selling land for retail development.

At a recent public hearing regarding retail development, Hammond said, "I have real concerns turning the community college property into retail.

"I think long-term it would be comprehensive to the community college we really need space to grow. We need a regents center in Dodge City.

"We need to have more vocational, more opportunities for community enrichment.

"The community college is not just a junior college it is much beyond that and I don't think our college has begun to touch its possibilities so I would oppose."

When the board trustees voted on continuing negotiations with city staff and developers, Terry Malone was the lone trustee that opposed moving forward saying at a work session, "This land was bought by the founders of the college and it's held in public trust for education. It was never designed for private venture and we should pay attention to the public trust and I hope the developers find what they want but they should go elsewhere."

Trustees Reeves, Floris Jean Hampton, Dr. Jeremy Presley and Dr. Merill Conant voted to continue negotiations.

Hammond is also the husband of DCCC English professor and DCCC Faculty Coalition president Sue Hammond who along with several of the faculty, gave a vote of no confidence to DCCC president Dr. Harold Nolte.

Hammond had previously ran for the board of trustees in 2015 coming in fourth in the voting to Hampton, Malone and Presley.

Hampton and Presley were re-elected to where Malone took over for Dr. Jason Joy who did not run for re-election at the time.