The Skyline pre-school and kindergarten meet and greet drew a big crowd of students and parents.

It was a packed house at the Skyline pre-school and kindergarten roundup. Dozens of potential students and their families took advantage of the event to meet the teachers and get acquainted with the classrooms.

While the pre-school and kindergarten students had fun with toys and games in the kindergarten classroom, parents filled out paperwork and took student lead tours of the building.

Skyline Superintendent Becca Flowers said the pre-school numbers will be from 20 to 25 students while about 30 students will enter kindergarten in the fall.

The pre-school and kindergarten will work closely together with pre-school spending time in the kindergarten room. This will help the pre-school students get used to the teachers and rooms so they can make a smooth transition to kindergarten.

"I'm excited to see the what's going on at Skyline," Flowers said. "We want to provide the preschool experience and we're making it happen.

The classroom situation has not been solidified yet but the teachers and administration are looking at the student numbers and how it will work in the available space.

The district has been talking about this for three years. The parents are excited that the district is going ahead with the pre-school program.

Besides meeting a need in the district, it will help Skyline meet the new Kansas State Board of Education vision for Kansas that every student will be ready for kindergarten.

While the teachers and administration are used to the current set up, the pre-school class is something new and it will take some time to get used to it's operation.

The parents will need to be patient as all of the details are worked out. But Skyline is a tight community and every thing should fall in place.

"It's a transition for all of us," Flowers said.

The new pre-school will be a convenience for families especially for those with children already attending Skyline. It may also open up opportunities for some children to attend pre-school that would not have had the chance to go before the program started.

"I'm super excited. We've talked about this for a long time," Flowers said. "It makes so much sense."

Parents are anxious for the pre-school to get started. Parent Lynette Freeman said it was about time Skyline had a pre-school. This will also give the older students a chance to be interactive with the younger children. The older students will have even more responsibility to be good role models.

Freeman's daughter Sidney is excited that she will be able to go to school with her big brother and sister.

Mom Kathryn McAllister said the new pre-school will give her children a head start on the school environment and will help her daughter be familiar with kindergarten before she starts.

McAllister gets an additional benefit because she is a teacher at Skyline so she doesn't have to take her pre-schooler to another school before heading to work.

Dad Robert Smiley said getting to drop off their children at the same school was a big advantage for them. It was comfortable to have them at the same place.

"Hats off to Skyline. They made it happen. It's a good sign of growth," Smiley said.