The Meadowlark House is hosting a spring open house today from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

The Meadowlark House in Dodge City has assisted abused and neglected children and families for several years. 

The mission of the Meadowlark House is to promote prevention, education and intervention services to those children and families by working with the Dodge City Police Department, Ford County Sheriff’s Office and Department of Children and Families.

In correspondence with Child Abuse Prevention month, the Meadowlark House is hosting a spring open house today.

“It’s just an opportunity for people in the community to come and see what we do firsthand,” said Meadowlark House coordinator Stephanie Fuhrmann. “In the past we’ve had some representatives from the fire department come just because they heard about it and they didn’t know exactly what we did, so it’s kind of an opportunity to take Child Abuse Prevention Month and spread awareness about us being in the community and our services that are provided for kids.”

According to Fuhrmann, many helpful representatives will be in attendance throughout the day.

“We’ll have people like the social workers from Child Protective Service from the Department of Children and Families who will be in and out throughout the day,” said Fuhrmann. “We may have some of our therapists in and out throughout the day and we may have also some representatives from our county attorney’s office in and out throughout the day.”

When a child is brought to the Meadowlark House, they are interviewed with a parent, law enforcement officer and social worker on hand as part of the protocol. 

According to Fuhrmann, the Meadowlark House has been successful in promoting their practices for several years. 

“We were the second nationally accredited site in the state of Kansas, we were accredited in 2002,” said Fuhrmann. “Our site then took on helping start a statewide network of children advocacy centers and pushed through legislation that said that multidisciplinary teams are the best ways to child abuse investigations.”

The Meadowlark House has been serving eight counties in southwest Kansas since 1999. Those counties include Ford, Gray, Hodgeman, Edwards, Clark, Comanche, Kiowa and Meade.

“It’s just really cool that we and our community get everyone together to do what’s best for kids and have since 1999,” said Fuhrmann. “It’s just really cool for this community to have something that was started so early on. We continuously work to make our ways of doing things better and better for the kids in the community.”

The Meadowlark House spring open house is from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. at 1405 Avenue A in Dodge City.

For more information contact Furhmann at 620-789-0396.

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