Pratt electric power crews spent several hours Sunday, April 30 repairing a broken power pole after an unknown vehicle, probably a semi or other similar sized vehicle, hit a railroad crossing sign, the guard rail of the crossing signal and a power pole on a 7,200 volt line.

Crews from the Pratt Line Barn were busy replacing a power pole that was broken off sometime during the morning of April 30 at the intersection of West First Street and Star Street.

An unknown vehicle, a semi or other like-sized vehicle, hit the railroad sign then hit the guard rail at the base of the crossing lights and arm then hit the power pole, breaking it in two, said Jeff Hoffman, City Line Barn crew chief.

Whom ever hit did the damage did not report it. A citizen notified law enforcement Sunday morning about the problem and they notified the city about 7:30 a.m. Several trucks and crew members were required to set a new pole, transfer the wires to the new pole cross arms then remove the old pole. Crews were on site for several hours to complete the job.

The 7,200 volt line feeds everything north of the tracks to Mound Street. No one has admitted causing the damage. When it pole was broken, it didn't trip a circuit so the city was unaware of the problem until the police notified them