Head coach Gary Thomas feels good about his team going into the fall.

After a snow postponement, the Dodge City Community College football team put a topper on their spring season with an exhibition game on Monday.

The team split into a purple and white team with five gold offensive linemen that competed for both teams due to a lack of numbers.

“Our numbers are down because our graduation rate is so high,” head coach Gary Thomas, who officiated the game allowing his assistants and a few community members coach the two teams, said. “So it’s difficult to put together games like this. Overall though I thought it was an awesome experience and I try to step back and view it like (the crowd) viewed it and I thought it was exciting.”

Even though there were some fireworks on the offensive side of the ball for both teams, Thomas was impressed with both sides of the ball.

“I thought it was actually very competitive,” head coach Gary Thomas said. “It could’ve been a little closer but I’m happy that the kids competed and I’m happy that it resembled college football at times.”

With the exception of some key positions, a lot of the players were on the field were reserves in the 2016 season. Even with their lack of experience, Thomas saw good things from them not only in the game but throughout the entire spring season.

“Anytime you split your team in half you never know what you’re going to get,” Thomas said. “Because you’ve got a lot of guys who haven’t played as much who are now in a starting role so I was impressed by the guys who got starting reps.”

While next season is still months away, the Conquistadors already have multiple key positions nailed down for the 2017 season.

“We’re pretty good at a couple positions,” Thomas said. “We’ve got our quarterback back from last season, we’ve got our top three running backs back and they’re pretty much interchangeable at times. They’re all pretty special and we’ve got a couple wide receivers who played some significant time for us.”

While the offense is solid the defense still offers a lot of spots that need to be filled through recruiting going into the fall. Thomas and his staff feel good about the next crop of freshman that they’re bringing in.

“We’re close,” Thomas said. “We’ve only got about five scholarships left. We’re about five guys from being done. We feel pretty good about it right now. We have a couple spots that will probably be more depth than anything else but I don’t think there’s a hole on the roster that worries us.”

The Conquistadors will play their first of six home games to open the 2017 season on August 24th versus Highland Community College.