The Pratt County Commission will hold a public budget hearing at 5 p.m. on Monday, Aug. 14.

The Pratt County Budget is ready for public inspection. Certified Public Accountant Steven LaPrad informed the Pratt County Commissioners the budget was ready at their regular meeting July 17.

LaPrad said he was able to deliver a budget that included a very small decrease in the mil levy of less than one mil. The new county mil levy is 52.259 mils compared to 52.55 mils last year. While this is not a significant number, it is a decrease over last year.

Now the county, and other taxing entities, have to wait until the new property valuation comes out. Depending on those numbers, the mil levy may have to go up or down to make up the difference in the published budget. The fluctuation is usually less than half a mil and there is nothing the county can do about the valuation.

The public budget hearing is set for 5 p.m. on Monday, Aug. 14. The public is invited attend and make comment about the budget.

At their last meeting, the county commissioners asked if a very seldom used Special Parks non-tax levy fund from Parks and Recreation could be closed out and shifted to another area. LaPrad said the fund couldn't be closed but the funds could be taken out and used for lake projects.

Training is complete and Pratt County Health Department is ready to process their bills. Darcie VanDerVyver, director of public health, said things were in place and they should be billing on their own by Sept. 1.

County road crews are laying down asphalt in a couple of places in the county. Doug Freund, county road and bridge supervisor, said they had done some work west of Coats and a lot of work in Cairo and south of town.

Commissioner David Ward said a resident had asked him about paving an area in Cairo that has a lot of dust. When two vehicles pass, its hard to see for both drivers. Freund said he would look into the situation but he thought it might be an issue to get it paved.

Commissioner Glenna Borho said the dust in that particular area sticks to her car and is hard to remove.

Catherine Rohrer, South Central Kansas Community Corrections director, said she had purchased a new program for juvenile offenders to help keep closer track of funds. If they overestimate or underestimate their expenses, they have to make a budget adjustment every quarter. This will help them keep closer tabs on spending.

Looking at the budget situation, Rohrer said they were under budget for adults and over budget for juvenile but as of July 17, their budget was matched. She said they anticipated using every penny of their budget for adult this year and for the next fiscal year, she anticipated they would use every penny for both adult and juvenile programs.