Drew Taylor's skink took senior grand champion and Tyler Dorman's ferret took junior grand champion at the Pratt County Fair Hand Pet Show.

A ferret named "Biggin" and a blue tongued skink named "Archie" were top winners in the Pratt County Fair Hand Pet Show held at Parkwood Village.

Drew Taylor's skink captured the grand champion for the senior division and Tyler Dorman's ferret took the top award in the junior division.

Taylor's win this year is a repeat from 2016 when Archie took the top prize in the senior division. Archie is 13 years old and his species comes from Indonesia. He enjoys a warm and wet environment and hangs out in a 60 gallon tank. He likes to burrow which is a natural defense against the big cats in Indonesia like jaguars.

Taylor said he chose Archie for a pet because people don't see lizards much and they are interesting. He doesn't like to be normal so Taylor can relate to the skink. While some may just see a big lizard, he's about a foot long, Taylor said Archie is a fun, loving pet and more interesting than a dog.

Dorman said he likes his ferret because it's small and they are smart. He likes to play tag and will even play fetch. He has stashes of trash and candy around the house and Dorman found one stash in a pair of shoes. Dorman also gets a lick from "Biggin" every time he does something.

A total of nine pets were part of the show along with an open class entry from LuAnn Bergner.

The pet show is held at Parkwood Village because of space issues at the fairgrounds, it's air conditioned and it gives the residents of Parkwood Village an opportunity to get involved with a community event.

Stafford County Extension Agent Glenn Newdigger acted as judge for the event.

Other entries in the pet show: Callie Jo Novotny's cat "Teddy"; Miley O'Moore's cat "Pica"; Keesha Humble's hamster "Lily"; Griffin Wallace's guinea pig "Lily"; Jack Barker's bearded dragon "Sprinter" (Junior reserve champ); Josiah Giles's leopard Gecko "Panzer" (Senior reserve champ); Kyler Barker's left handed hermit crab "Flash."

In the open class, LuAnn Bergner presented her African gray parrot "Ziggy."