Skyline uses project based learning to help students reach their academic goals.

Helping students be successful in the classroom and in life is a primary goal for the administration, faculty and staff at Skyline.

Diane House, USD 438 Student Success coordinator, shared progress on Project Based Learning with the Board of Education during their September Board meeting.

The Project Based Learning program at Skyline is designed to help students be successful as well as learning to deal with failure and how to learn from failure and use it to become successful.

Part of the cohesive aspect of this plan is a teacher advisor will be assigned to a group of students and that group and teacher will stick together throughout high school.

Identifying students interests and abilities will help identify career options and give students a general idea on what they want to do for their life's work.

Besides having their individual plan of study in place, social and emotional character development will be addressed to help students develop their soft skills, House said.

Some students have difficulty looking people in the eye or engaging in conservation or don't know proper funeral etiquette so these and other social issues will be addressed.

"Students have social and emotional needs," House said.

Understanding proper business behavior is part of this plan. When a new employee shows up on time every day for the first week of employment then goes to the employer and wants a raise for that, there are issues that need to be addressed that are not being addressed in the home.

Part of this plan is to help students get involved with civic activities. Students will perform community service on the seven early out days during the year. Some community service activities, painting the playground equipment in Sawyer, have already been completed.

"We are trying to get kids more involved," House said.

Kansas Vision wants every student to succeed and that means every student. Students and teachers all have room to grow. Teachers need to be more engaged in what the school is doing to reach that goal, House said.

"We're very committed. We want to make every student successful at Skyline," House said.

All this, put together, feels like common sense for kids. It helps them understand what they want and need to do to be successful.

Successful students are always important but now more then ever. The state tracks high school graduates for two years after they graduate to determine their success and how well high schools have prepared students for the future.

The district is focusing on success and they have a lot of students to work with. Superintendent Becca Flowers said there were 413 students in the building including the new preschool. The official count will be taken on Wednesday, Sept. 20.

Stan Busby, of Busby Ford & Reimer, presented the results of the annual district audit to the Board.

Busby said the audit was very positive. There were no adjustments, no budget violations and no negative comments.

Flowers said Busby Ford & Reimer were a tremendous resource for the school if the district did have questions.

A small leak was discovered in the gym roof. The company the repaired the roof came out and found the source. It has been repaired and the gym roof should be in good shape for many years to come. A very small amount of water got on the gym floor but it caused no damage, Flowers said.

The Board approved the following staff changes:

Chris Sanders-High School assistant boys basketball coach.

Cheri Haskett-High School play director.

Kristi Nelson-High School play director.

Brad Pagenkopf-Driver's Education Teacher.

Sara Lewton-Student and Family Support Coordinator.

Don Buhler-Library aid.

Roy Haines-Bus driver.

Tom Garland-(Resigned) Bus driver.